Strippers for Jesus!


Here’s a fun story. Not only are there strippers for Jesus, but now they are making a movie about them. Here’s a glimpse:

The documentary, “The Pussycat Preacher,” which was released Friday, follows ex-stripper Heather Veitch as she struggles to start a ministry for women in the sex industry. The film chronicles the formation of the ministry JC (Jesus Christ)’s Girls – from Veitch gaining acceptance from other women at her church to bringing a few women from church to minister at strip clubs.

Perhaps the most controversial part of the ministry is its method of evangelizing those in the sex industry.

Veitch and her team, mostly women from her church, go to strip clubs and hire strippers for private lap dances. But instead of getting a dance, they use the time to talk to the strippers about God. They also invite the strippers, without pressuring them, to go to church and “check it out.”

You know, I’m glad someone is going into these places and attempting to make disciples. I know there are people in strips clubs who need to hear the Gospel, I know they are not going to come to church on Sundays, I know that I cannot go to them, but here’s a woman who can! I’m sure a lot of people will be hateful towards this woman for doing what she’s doing, but I say that as long as Christ Jesus is being preached she should be encouraged with our prayers and we should praise God that He has raised her up to do this. I do pray that Christ is exalted in her life and the lives of those she ministers to in His Name.

Would that more people had such courage, you know, the courage to reach the truly lost who are still living under the dominion of darkness. Would…


PS–Here’s the link to her site: JC’s Girls

PPS–This is a sex story that the church can legitimately talk about on Sundays. People being rescued from a life of sexual slavery is much better than so-called challenges that have been written about here and elsewhere.


  1. dave

    It takkes a special person to bring the gospel to people in those types of situations. May God bless her and protect her as i’m sure he will and is right now

  2. Dave,

    If that is truly her ambition, I believe He will bless her. Thanks for stopping by.


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