Persecution of Christians and Prosperity Planes


I came across this story at the Christian Post concerning the nation of Jordan and the expulsion of Christians. The article says:

The Muslim-majority country of Jordan acknowledged Wednesday that it expelled foreign Christians for illegal preaching under what it claims was the guise of charity work.

The announcement is the first official acknowledgment that the government has clamped down on several foreign Christian preachers. Foreign Minister Nasser Judeh said Christians had come to Jordan under the “pretext of charitable and voluntary activities, but they had violated the law by undertaking preaching activities and were expelled,” according to The Jerusalem Post.

Under Jordanian law, conversion from Islam to Christianity is not allowed in Muslim conservative Jordan and foreign missionary groups are banned from seeking converts, according to Agence France-Presse. But the government must sanction preaching and any religious activity, whether Christian or Muslim

In January, the Christian persecution watchdog group Compass Direct News reported that at least 27 expatriate Christian families and individuals were refused residence permits last year. The foreign Christians include Americans, Europeans, South Koreans, Egyptians, Sudanese and Iraqis.

This isn’t the entire story which you should read for context, but it does help us understand a little of what is going on in foreign nations with regard to those who practice Christian faith: It is tough. We hear of such stories all the time. You rarely hear of Muslims being expelled from a nation, you never hear of an atheist being expelled from a country, and so the story goes. But by goodness if you are a Christian, you are ripe for the picking.

I contrast this with another story I read at the Christian Post about a certain ‘prosperity gospel preacher’ named Mac Hammond who has evidently ordered the sale of the private business jet belonging to the ‘ministry.’ Says the article:

Church spokesman the Rev. Brian Sullivan says Living Word has also cut its hour long Sunday morning television broadcast to 30 minutes to save money.

He says the church has fallen $40,000 to $70,000 short of its weekly budget in recent weeks, and the church is adjusting its budget accordingly.

Sullivan said the church’s problems could be a combination of the recession and the recent bad publicity about churches preaching prosperity gospel, which holds that God wants his followers to flourish financially.

Well, I have to be honest with you, I was going to have some sympathy for someone tonight and now I am confused. I just don’t know where my sympathy should be or who I should suffer with. On the one hand, there are some brothers and sisters in Christ who are homeless and being persecuted for preaching the Gospel and for ‘breaking the law’ and on the other hand there is a brother in Christ who has to sell his luxurious travelling coach because his budget is $40-$70k short.  This is really difficult. If you happen to have any suggestions, please feel free to leave them in the reply section. Until then, I am simply going to withhold all sympathy, all empathy, and all apathy.



3 thoughts on “Persecution of Christians and Prosperity Planes

  1. I don’t feel sorry for Mac. I wrote him a letter years ago warning him to get his money message right. I guess he didn’t listen.

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