Hands & Feet Project


I’d like to point you in the direction of a worthy project: The Hands and Feet Project. This is a project set up by the members of Audio Adrenaline. Here’s a blurb from their website:

The Hands and Feet Project , a 501c3 non-profit organization, is a children’s village in Jacmel, Haiti that was started by the band Audio Adrenaline in 2004. Our mission is to care for orphans and to use pop culture to introduce the 1st world to the orphans of the world. The land was purchased in late 2004, and construction began in early 2005. Our first little girl arrived in the spring of 2005, and we now care for 24 children ranging in age from 2 months – 9 years old.

We are currently building more houses in order to be able to help more children who have been abandoned and will probably have 40 children by the end of this year. We are hoping to replicate the model that brings artists/bands and orphans together, with our next project starting soon in Nicaragua.

Check out their website for more information on the ongoing projects. There’s a lot of information at the site. 



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