David F Wells on the Supremacy of Christ


Sometimes, there is not enough time in a day to read all I want to read. I’ll leave you today with this amazing quote from a favorite of mine, David Wells:

Paul’s Christology, therefore, encompasses the language of the kingdom of God in the Gospels. To believe on Christ is to enter the kingdom and to become a part of the age to come. Paul, however, expands this though far beyond the personal and ecclesiastical. If Christ is the Lord whom every believer serves, the head to whom the whole churchly body is responsive, he is also the Creator from whom everything derives its existence, the center without which there is no reality. Whether above in the starlit firmament or below within human consciousness, Jesus has ‘supremacy’ (Col 1:15-20).

In this fallen world, and in their fallen lives, those who are alienated from God are part of this age, which is now passing. It has no future and there are intimations of that in the depths of human consciousness where a tangle of contradictions lie, for we are made for meaning but find only emptiness, made as moral beings but are estranged from what is holy, made to understand but are thwarted in so many of our quests to know. These are the sure sings of a reality out of joint with itself. This is what, in fact, points to something else. These contradictions are unresolved in the absence of that age to come which is rooted in the triune God of whom Scripture speaks. He it is who not only sustains all life, directing it all to its appointed end, but who also is the measure of what is enduringly true and right, and the fountain of all meaning, purpose, and hope” (David F Wells, The Supremacy of Christ in a Postmodern World, in the same, 48-49).

You may have guessed, by today’s posts that I am studying Colossians. This world needs to hear the good news that Jesus will save. I pray that if you are reading this and you do not belong to Christ that you will submit yourself to Him. We serve a great God!

Soli Deo Gloria!



  1. Hi, you might be interested in a new series I’m doing on David Wells’ new book on my blog.


    May God bless you richly,

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