Prayers for Patrick Swayze & All Cancer Fighters


Back in 1991 when my wife and I were married, we moved to Michigan for school. During our first semester at college, we learned that my wife had cancer (Hodgkin’s Disease & here). We endured nearly a year of chemotherapy, radiation, surgery’s and more. At the end of the ordeal, my wife emerged cleansed and cured and healed. It has been 16 years or so since her last radiation treatment, but she is as well as anyone can be. (Two years later, my wife had a relapse of sorts and spent 22 days in the hospital due to Hemolytic Anemia and here.)

1000’s of people each day learn that they have cancer. It is a disease that too many people go through. It is a disease often overlooked because of other big-name, big-money diseases. It is a horrifying disease and it is one that strips the person of all humanity and dignity. The constant medical probings, pictures, x-rays, surgery’s, vomiting, loss of hair, and you name it–they are terribly difficult. My wife was 19; I was 20. I went through just as much chemo as my wife; it is terribly difficult to watch a loved one go through this knowing there is virtually nothing you can do.

I’m using this small space to help people be aware of what a dreadful disease cancer is. My wife was blessed to be healed, many others will not be so blessed. I don’t know Patrick Swayze from Adam. I’ve never met him, but I have enjoyed a few of his films. (In particular, Roadhouse, North & South, and The Outsiders.) I realize that doesn’t qualify me in any way, nevertheless…I join with those who wish to offer support and prayers for him:

Hollywood has been sending actor Patrick Swayze messages of support ever since news broke that Swayze was fighting a tough battle with pancreatic cancer, Britain’s Telegraph newspaper is reporting.

Caught in its advanced stages, pancreatic cancer, which strikes about 30,000 people a year, has a less than 5 percent survival rate for five years. If caught early and treated aggressively with surgery and chemotherapy — and if the cancer has not spread to lymph nodes — the five-year survival rate can go as high as 17 to 25 percent.

 For what it’s worth, I offer these words of encouragement to Mr Swayze. I hate to hear of anyone having cancer. Not only did I never meet my father in law because he died from cancer, but also my grandfather died from cancer, and currently my brother in law is living with and being treated for a rare brain tumor. In my professional capacity as a preacher, I have conducted the funerals of many folks who have succumbed to one form of cancer or another.

Still there is a battle ongoing. It’s a fight that we must not quit. I don’t think that chemo alone or radiation alone will do the trick, but we can pray and ask God to have mercy. Perhaps we can continue to raise awareness and raise money for research and treatment. I don’t know what the solution is entirely, but perhaps this small offering here will help raise awareness in someone who is currently unaware.

So I offer this little spot on my blog to encourage and pray for not only Mr Swayze and his family, but for all who this day will endure the indignity of cancer treatments and struggle and fight to see tomorrow. My thoughts and prayers are certainly with you Mr Swayze and to you, anonymous reader struggling with cancer in yourself, a friend, or a family member, I remember you too.

American Cancer Society

Soli Deo Gloria!


6 thoughts on “Prayers for Patrick Swayze & All Cancer Fighters

  1. Today I went to the western wall pray fou yoy Patrick and I’m shure The allmigtty wil hear my prayers becouse He promised hear every pray from there.
    I always admire the way you treat your wife Lisa, with love and respect.
    You do greats performances, dancing acting and stil humble.
    Trust in G-od and in His son Jesus the Messias.
    Have faith you will be heal amen!

  2. dear patrick what an amazing, ckind person u are u have brought such love to many hearts through all the films u have been in…the life for your wife is so amazing a bond that will never break..your love of horse awesome…breaks my heart that such an amazing guy like u is so ill i pray for gods kindness to look down on u and help u on what ever path u must follow to know that u will always live on no matter where u are…i also pray to god to put his loving strong and warm arms around your wife lisa and all of your family….i hope that mircale comes for u patrick and u get to dance one more time..god bless you always…love julie

  3. This is a very informative and useful article for me because one of my friends sister is suffering from Colon cancer.This post is very useful for me because my friends mother is suffering from the same. This would help me to tell some important caution about cancer.

  4. May God bless Patrick Swayze! My family and I are praying for him and his family always. I believe that the article has been very useful also. My family has lost many loved ones to different forms of cancer. Our prayers are with all who have cancer and the families who support and love them.
    May God bless you all!

  5. I just wanted Mr. Swazye and his wife and family that my prayers are for him, I ask God to intervene in his healing, and to not let Mr. Swazye suffer in pain. Mr. Swazye has such a fighting spirit, as seen from his interviews. Faith in God’s unlimitless power, strength and determination to all as directed by physcians on Mr. Swayze’s part, and God’s overall plan and where Mr. Swazye fits into that plan culminates in how this ordeal with play out. I believe that God can make changes in his plans depending on the strength, determination, and spiriitual giving to others by those afflicted with illness. I have been diagnosed with cancer and am having my first surgery 2/27. I’m not worried, because I have placed my life in God’s hands so I can concentrate on what I have to do every day and what my part in this battle entails.

    My thoughts and prayers are for Mr. Swayze, his loving wife, his family and close friends for strength to endure this challenge day by bay, refreshed each day with new hope.

    You are loved Mr. Swayze by many you don’t know who are praying for you. Don’t give up. Fight to the end, if indeed the end of either your life on this earth or to a long remission while research is still being done.

    God bless you and your family. God never gives us more than we can handle.

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