The Unstoppable Clinton-Obama Ticket


Came across this funny headline at the CNN Political Ticker: Bill Clinton: A Clinton-Obama ticket would be ‘unstoppable’

I’d like to take the opportunity to remind the former blemish on the white house President that a train-wreck is, too, unstoppable.



PS–for the record, I could almost stomach Hilary in the White House (at least we wouldn’t have to hear about interns; I think), but I could not stomach for a minute her husband in there for four more years. Have mercy!

Seriously, are the only people qualified to run for president Bill’s wife, Barak Hussein Obama, John “Hagee” McCain and Ralph Nader? Is there really no one else? Really? Seriously?


4 thoughts on “The Unstoppable Clinton-Obama Ticket

  1. It is amazing that this is all this country could come up with.

    I guess the trouble is that many of the people who would be really good at this job have chosen to go into other lines of work.

    The whole system has gone a bit askew.

  2. Picking at a man’s name is no argument against his policies. It’s just mindless bashing.

    This is usually a good blog, and I appreciate what you write. If you want to draw connections between McCain and Hagee, or between Ms. Clinton and Mr., fine. But if you have a problem with Mr. Obama, in terms of why you wouldn’t want him to be president, his name does not cut it as a reason.

  3. EG,

    Thanks for stopping by. To be sure, I did tag this ‘humor’. However, that is *not* my reason for disliking Obama. I have written of that elsewhere. In a word, can you say: LIBERAL? Or: Pro-choice, Pro-gay marriage, liberal, pro-tax and spend, liberal, etc., liberal.


  4. Thanks for that. That rationale makes much more sense in terms of showing readers that you have a rational argument, rather than just a gut dislike.

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