“Amazing Grace”: A Review


I just finished watching ‘Amzing Grace’ the story of a man named William Wilberforce whose tireless efforts eventually resulted in the abolition of the slave trade in the British Empire. Here’s my review: Fantastic! A Great family film that responsibly demonstrates how Christians should ‘grow where God has planted them’ so to speak. I cannot honestly comment on how much of the film was poetic license, but I will say that what was in the film was brilliant. I highly recommend you see this film. This film has a lot to say about the measure of Christian involvement in ‘making this world a better place.’ I think each Christian will decide for themselves how far to carry that mandate–if in fact such a mandate exists. Nevertheless, the film makes one think about the issue which is important in an of itself, but it also draws us deeper: How much is our faith worth and what price will we pay (or, better, are we willing to pay) because of our faith? Clearly Wilberforce’s decisions and actions were dictated and governed by his faith in Christ. Equally as clearly, he paid a price for such surrender. A serious question that all Christians must ask themselves is this: How much sacrifice are you making because of your faith in Christ? I think that is a legitimate question for each of us to ask. If our faith never demands of us that we make hard decisions, difficult, costly sacrifices, we might well ask how much our faith is really worth. If our faith does not cause us to stand against that which is decidedly wrong and mark justice and righteousness in the face of injustice and unrighteousness then can our faith be legitimately described as Christian? These are heavy thoughts we must consider deeply. They are heavier thoughts that we must put into action. I don’t know if we are going to ‘change the world.’ I don’t know if that is our mandate. But I do know what Scripture says: Faith without works is dead.



  1. The movie had a great message but was very boring. Typical Christian movie.

  2. My oldest son loaned me the movie and i watched it last weekend Jerry….

    I’m with you, it was a fantastic film, one which is not only suitable for families to watch together, but one which shows how God can use one man to make a profound difference.

    I loved it!

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