Tiger Woods Wins Again!


I know this blog is about the Scripture, mostly, but I have to take just a minute of time, a mere byte or two of space to acknowledge that Tiger Woodsis a freak. That thing he did yesterday to win the Arnold Palmer Invitational was…wow, I simply do not have words for it. Congratulations to Tiger Woods. Friday afternoon I said, “Well, there’s no way he is going to catch Vijay–he’s too far out and it doesn’t look like his swing is on this week.” Saturday evening I checked the scores and could not believe he was tied for first. This guy is just a freak. I am so glad to be living while he is playing golf. What a treat it is. He has won 64 times in only 219 professional starts. Can you believe the putt he made on the 72nd hole to win??? I’ll put it to you this way: I only watched NASCAR during the breaks so that I could watch Tiger play golf. Wow!



  1. bjmmckee

    Jerry ~~~I have been a long time reader of your posts and I always thoroughly enjoy them. I very much appreciate your thoughts and find that often I have something to ponder about. I cannot resist commenting on this post, and my comment is this:
    I don’t think it matters one whit what is preached or not preached, Easter Sunday Only folks are there to be seen!! For some reason, though most people won’t admit it, in this great move of some to distance all of us from all the old tried and true traditions, there is still this thing that some people hold dear — MUST go to church on Easter! Why? Beats me!! No longer can one say it is to parade the new frocks and hats! So, I guess I am saying, why should preachers/churches stress out about Easter Sunday, especially in regard to the issues of the above? And, finally, if one is not a “real” Christian, struggling as we all are, what does it really matter to those who give lip service?? And, to not leave the impression that I am jaded and a cynic, how I wish that even a few of those Easter Only folks would accept God’s precious gift!

  2. BJM,

    I think you may have meant this to apply to my post on Easter and Church Marketing. Nevertheless, in part I agree: some traditions are hard to break. In whole I agree: I wish even a few would accept God’s precious gift. Sadly, it is that sort of manipulation that is precisely what turns them off to the faith. This is why I think we preachers must, absolutely, preach the Gospel. We have no choice. People must be given the opportunity to hear the truth and be held accountable for what they have heard.

    I’m glad you read. It is encouraging to me that someone in the world is benefitting from what I have to say. I try to keep the focus on Scripture and I hope I have done that for you. Thanks again for stopping by.


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