A Few Stories to Tide You Over for a While


Here are some stories and brief commentary that might hold your interest for a minute or two.

First, at the height of today’s absurdity: Earth Hour

At 8 p.m. local time today, some of the world’s most iconic landmarks will disappear from city skylines as millions of people all across the globe take part in Earth Hour.

At the last count, there were around 380 cities and communities supporting the event. Chicago, Denver, Atlanta, and San Francisco are all set to take part, along with London, Manila, Sydney, Bangkok, Vancouver and Tel Aviv, among other cities.

“Earth Hour shows that everyday people are prepared to pull together to find a solution for climate change,” said James Leape, the general director of World Wildlife Fund International, the global organizer of Earth Hour.

“It can be done, but we need to harness some of the cooperative spirit we’ve seen with Earth Hour to find a global solution,” he continued.

“The challenge now is to build on the momentum Earth Hour has created, to use it to propel us forward.”

I’ll tell you what I’m going to do at 8:00 PM tonight: I’m turning every light on in my house, every appliance, and running the furnace 5 degrees warmer. I can’t begin to tell you how absurd this idea is. Join with me in turning on your lights!  I wouldn’t be surprised if this actually backfired because at some point all those lights will have to be turned back on and if everyone who turns them off at 8 turns them on a 9–well, won’t that overload something, somewhere? I better not miss COPS.

Second, evidently, ‘Religion’ is not helping Barak Obama. Here’s a couple of excerpts:

Unlike many Democratic candidates before him, Obama speaks with ease about his faith. He attends Sunday worship and knows his Bible. His supporters believe he can pry some committed churchgoers away from the GOP.

The Illinois senator has held faith forums, created a grass-roots support network of “congregation contacts” and has spoken at evangelical churches that Democrats had rarely visited.

His strategy is rooted in the Christian faith he found as an adult through Wright at Trinity United Church of Christ, a predominantly African-American megachurch. Obama’s book, “The Audacity of Hope” was inspired by a Wright sermon.

Well, the problem is that his campaign is about ‘religion’ and not Christianity. This is why his ‘religion’ is not helping him among ‘Christians.’ Furthermore, as I have demonstrated here on more than one occasion, the assertion that Barak Obama ‘knows his bible’ is patently false. If he knew his Bible he would not support gay civil unions, abortion, or raising taxes.

Third, it appears Jesus is on the way out as the ‘face of Christianity.’ It’s true:

“The new face of Christianity will be the black woman,” said Dr. Kwok Pui Lan to an audience at Lexington Theological Seminary in Kentucky, according to the Lexington Herald-Leader. Kwok, a professor at the Episcopal Divinity School in Cambridge, Mass., is a pioneer in Asian feminist theology as well as postcolonial theology.

Kwok explained that as of last year, Europe still had the largest number of Christians in the world – 532 million. It is followed by Latin America with 525 million and then Africa at 417 million.

But by 2025, Africa is projected to shoot up to 634.6 million Christians, followed closely by Latin America at 634.1 million, while Europe will fall to 531 million Christians.

The United States had 223 million Christians mid-2007 and is predicted to grow slightly to 252 million by 2025.

“The challenge,” said the William F. Cole, professor of Christian Theology and Spirituality at the Episcopal Divinity School, “is to re-imagine Christianity in the 21st century.”

Well, that’s all fine and dandy isn’t it? The problem is that as humans continue to put the face of man on Christianity, the face of Christ diminishes. And as long as it is man who defines Christianity, we will continue to be plagued by the sort of things that Pastor Obama’s pastor (the Rev Dr Jeremiah Wright) spews from his pulpit: Class envy, racism, bigotry, etc. Certainly, as long as Christianity is defined by anyone other than Christ, the church will continue to be a colossal failure. I agree with Cole: Christianity must be re-imagined in the 21st century. Where we disagree is how to re-imagine it. He thinks in terms of humans; I think in terms of Christ.

Fourth, apparently the Bible as it is is not quite good enough so they must be re-written from a different perspective:

The Rev. Robert Harrison of St. John’s Church in northwest London is behind the reworking of the top 10 Bible stories that were chosen by a poll conducted by the Christian charity Scripture Union.

In Harrison’s book, The Must Know Stories, the tale of David and Goliath is retold from the perspective of Goliath, who is portrayed as a “depressed alcoholic” who is hung over on the day of battle with David, according to the U.K.-based Telegraph newspaper.

Meanwhile, the well-known story of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden is twisted so that Adam expresses his obsession with Eve’s naked body. The nativity story is also changed so as to have Jesus born in an overcrowded house instead of a manger, amid family tension stirred by Joseph’s aunt who is upset that Mary and Joseph are not married.

Harrison explained that he began the book by asking people which Bible stories they think must be passed down to the next generation. From the responses, the Anglican priest gathered the most popular stories and rewrote them from the perspective of the non-believer.

He said his purpose in rewriting the stories is to make them more accessible, and not to promote Christianity.

Harrison said that “because we’re so uneasy about things religious, these stories are slipping silently out of our consciousness,” according to the Telegraph.

I’m just going to take a chance here and say this: This man is an idiot. Why would the stories need to be re-written from the perspective of a non-believer? One thing is probably sure: Harrison has the necessary credentials to understand how a non-believer would think. Also, of course he is not writing to ‘promote Christianity’, but who cares if the stories are ‘accessible’ if they do not promote Christianity? Those ‘stories’ are not in the public domain; they belong to the church. As such, they exist only to promote Christ. Telling these stories for any other purpose is rather meaningless. Finally, the reason they are ‘slipping silently out of our consciousness’ is because there are few preachers who have the nerve to actually read them to their congregations on Sundays.

Fifth, from the world of ‘I’m not a doctor but I play one on TV and therefore have a right to tell all you non-doctors how smart I am’ comes actress Kate Walsh who plays a doctor on a television show that I have never watched. Evidently, telling young people and un-married people to abstain from sexual relations is actually the causeof rising STD’s. That’s right, read it again: Not having sexual relations actually causes teenage pregnancy and the spread of STD’s. Well, imagine how low those rates would be if people did have sex outside of marriage:

Actress Kate Walsh, who plays a doctor on ABC’s “Grey’s Anatomy” television series, is receiving criticism from pro-life advocates for faulting abstinence education for the rising pregnancy and STD rates among teen girls.

Walsh, a member of the board of advisors of Planned Parenthood, attended a congressional briefing on sex education on Capitol Hill on Thursday, during which she advocated cutting out all government funding for abstinence education, according to the D.C.-based Family Research Council.

FRC President Tony Perkins disagrees with her position on abstinence education.

“Contrary to what Walsh and her liberal friends believe, doing away with abstinence education won’t lower teen pregnancy rates,” he wrote in an e-mail about the event on Thursday.

“Instead it would squelch one of the most effective methods of reducing teen sexual risk,” Perkins added.

. . .

Walsh also took her sex education campaign to airwaves on Friday’s CBS The Early Show, where she told co-anchor Julie Chen, “Abstinence-only is not working. It’s a $1.5 billion program over the last ten years that has, quite frankly, failed.”

She attempted to link abstinence-only education to the rising STD rates among teens by citing the recent Center for Disease Control statistics which showed that at least one in four teenage American girls has a sexually transmitted disease.

The actress called for more government spending on sex-ed, noting that private foundations and parents should not be trusted sources.

. . .

Walsh spent the remainder of Friday campaigning throughout eastern Pennsylvania for democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama, whom she has described to The Washington Post as “pro-Planned Parenthood, pro-choice and pro-women.” [Ed note: It’s too bad she didn’t campaign for someone who is ‘pro-all the people he represents.’]

I do agree with Ms. Walsh on this one point: It is sad that the government has to spend that much money to tell people: “Hey, not having sex until you are married will significantly decrease your chances of getting pregnant, transmitting sexual diseases, and catching sexually transmitted diseases.” Used to be that people had parents who told them for free. Then again, used to be that people had parents. But that’s OK. Just keep on screwing, and sleeping around, and divorcing, and I’m sure that teen-pregnancy rates will come down, I’m sure the spread of STD’s will be curbed, and I’m sure we will have more stable families in the US! How stupid does one have to be to make the statement that ‘abstinence increases teen pregnancy and STD rates’? What sort of logic is that?

Finally, I saw this at Christian Post:


Friends, with all due respect to the need for generating advertising dollars, the Bible doesn’t say anything about Jesus crying at Calvary and even if He did cry, it’s not the tears he shed that will save you: It is only the blood he shed. Well, that’s enough for now I suppose. Please visit the sponsors of the Christian Post where I dug up all this garbage. Have a nice day.


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