What’s Up with this Picture?


Here’s a picture ESPN.com has on their front page:

Final Four

What’s up with that? If I were one of these four women, I would be suing ESPN–especially after the whole Lebron James Vogue Covergate:

LeBron James Vogue

I’m just saying that there seems to be a conspiracy going on in the world and that maybe it is time someone start looking into this stuff. I understand that sports are intense, but really, are these the best poses we can find for these athletes? How about a smile? How about a hug? How about ripping off shirts and worshiping the net:

The world-famous 1999 sports bra incident.

 How about cutting down the nets? Why open mouth, screaming? Is there a photographer on the planet who can take a picture of an athlete with their mouth closed?

I realize this has nothing to do with the purpose of my blog, and I don’t think there is anything in Scripture to justify my post. I just thought that photo montage was amusing and ESPN brave for actually using it.



3 thoughts on “What’s Up with this Picture?

  1. I think, unfortunately, we now live in an angry society.
    It’s cool to scream, growl and scowl, even in success (like after a slam dunk). Maybe it’s pride and an “in your face” attitude. I think a little humility and you are right “a smile” would go a lot further.

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