Podcast #2: Jesus in the Old Testament:Leviticus & Sacrifice


I am happy to bring you my second podcast. This is part 1 of a six part series from the Old Testament book of Leviticus. The six parts come from a sermon I did about two years ago. Part 1 is the introductory material. The sound isn’t too bad considering I do not have professional equipment. This episode is 10 minutes and 45 seconds long. Don’t forget to leave feedback after you have listened and you can use the button below to subscribe to this and future podcasts from Life Under the Blue Sky. Thanks for stopping by. (You can use the link above to open in a new window, or you can use the inline player below.)

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Soli Deo Gloria!


4 thoughts on “Podcast #2: Jesus in the Old Testament:Leviticus & Sacrifice

  1. Thanks for this podcast. I myself am teaching year long series of Jesus in the Old Testament. I found this as I prepare for Jesus in Leviticus. Thank you for your clear and concise devotional. I don’t know why more “Bible believing” churches don’t teach the Bible this way because Jesus said the OT testifies of Him and Paul said it’s all inspired and useful.

    1. Brenten,

      I did an entire series on this particular topic. My motivation was Luke 24:25-27, 44-49 and also John 5. You are a bit more ambitious than I was. I only did a short series of 5 or 6 weeks…but a year! Wow! I am impressed and encouraged to know that someone else takes a similar view as I to the OT. Are you publishing your messages on line or any other place? Thanks for stopping by. I am encouraged to continue with my own work in the Word. Grace and peace.


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