DA Carson on: The Fate of the World


Carson is one of my favorite authors and I read as much of his stuff as I can find. I happened to come across this in his commentary on Matthew in the Expositor’s Bible Commentary, p 520 commenting on Matthew 25:

The fate of the nations will be determined by how they respond to Jesus’ followers, who, ‘missionaries’ or not, are charged with spreading the gospel and do so in the face of hunger, thirst, illness, and imprisonment. Good deeds done to Jesus’ followers, even the least of them, are not only works of compassion and morality but reflect where people stand in relation to the kingdom and to Jesus himself. Jesus identifies himself with the fate of his followers and makes compassion for them equivalent to compassion for himself.”

I really appreciate these words.

Soli Deo Gloria!

3 thoughts on “DA Carson on: The Fate of the World

  1. Jerry – What is he saying? The word “nations” is “ethnos” meaning peoples, but it seems he is implying that treating believers in Christ is how people will be judged. That is exactly why the gospels need to be revealed against the relief of the teaching epistles.

    That interpretation makes hospitality redemptive? There is certainly a humanitarian teaching in the Lord’s teaching here, but when taken in the context of the overwhelming of the New Testment teachings it cannot mean redemption comes through how people (ethnos) treat believers in Christ.

  2. Rick,

    Well, you know as well as I do that Carson is NOT saying that and later he does qualify his statements in such a way to demonstrate that is NOT what he is saying. The reason I posted this comment is precisely to demonstrate the ambiguity. But you are right: That is what he seems to be saying and one is hard-pressed to understand how such a staunch Calvinist as DA Carson can come to such a conclusion–even given the overall context. Strange.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Is he not just re stating the promise of God to Abraham? I will bless those who bless you and curse those who curse you. God came to the Hebrews rescue and toppled Egypt..
    Is this not what we discussed today? We must trust God to bless or judge those we minister to….for some reason we are to pour ourselves into His will and work and may never see the fruit or reward of our labor.
    Is Carson also maybe repeating the blessing sent with the disciples as they were sent out by Jesus…stay where you are welcomed or shake the dust off your feet and move on…..
    abidind still,

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