Congratulations: Pittsburgh Penguins!!!!!!!

Way to Go


Good luck in the Stanley Cup




2 thoughts on “Congratulations: Pittsburgh Penguins!!!!!!!

  1. Although I’am a New York Islanders fan all season,I just wanted to take the time out and congratulate the Pittsburgh Penguins and their fans on their great effort in the Stanley Cup Finals.As a hockey lover in which I’am I have followed all the games in the Stanley Cup run.The Penguins and their fans have nothing to feel bad about.I was rooting for them too.Next year and the years to follow they will be amazing,so young and full of life I look forward to watching them excel.I’am very impressed by this team.Keep your heads up and your year may be next.Good luck from one of the #1 hockey fans!!!!

  2. Maryann,

    Thanks for stopping by. Sadly, they fell just a wee bit short didn’t they? You are right though: Everyone seems to think this team will make significant progress and be a contender for many years. Here’s hoping!!


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