The Shack: More to Love


I have written a little here about the fantastic book simply called The Shack. I know many people are really uptight about some of the things in the book–choosing instead to miss the message of God’s grace than embrace it.

Well, a little research at a couple of my favorite blogs has given me some more to think about on this subject.

First, Tim over at CRN.Info and Analysis has a short post with several links. Writes Tim,

There’s this little book called the Shack that has gotten some people all hot and bothered. If you’re interested in truth rather than rhetoric you might want to amble on over to Steve Brown Etc and listen to the author himself.

Second, Michael over at internetmonk also has a post today. Writes Michael,

Absolutely amazing story, with the beauty of the Gospel everywhere. That a bunch of the TR community will hate on this book because, as Steve says, their underwear is too tight, is a real shame. Those of you who read and thought, “I am reading a journey inside someone’s own experience of The Great Sadness,” will be doubly rewarded.

The monk also includes several links including one back to the author’s homepage.

Third, IM also has this post featuring a 7:45 minute youtube video of Mars Hills’ Mark Driscoll. In the video, Driscoll demonstrates his complete misunderstanding of the point of the book all for the sake of making his points; his cheaply made points. The debate on this post is whether or not Driscoll actually read the book. After watching the video, I’m not so certain.

To be sure, the book is not about the Trinity as such. The book is about working through The Great Sadness. It is a book about God redeems suffering and violence and evil. It is a book about God’s grace. Spencer notes, in a response to his own post:

There is also a literary device in the story that leaves open the possibility that the whole experience was a vision or hallucination, or at the least, not a “real world” experience.

The three characters in the book are not intended to be a true exposition of the nature of the Trinity as much as an experience by which the Trintarian God speaks to Mack. Burning Bush? Remember?

Remember that Wisdom also appears as a character, and does someone believe that Young was suggested wisdom was actually a woman?

I agree. The entire conversation at internetmonk is helpful, but perhaps the links back to the author William Young’s own web pages. It might be important to read and hear what the author himself has to say about the book and its contents.

I’m done blogging for today. Now I would like to go read for a while and watch the last 15 minutes of the Simpsons (that other avenue of heresy in the world of pop-culture.)



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