The Amazing 80: Liberia, Africa


A preacher friend of mine, Dave who serves in Indiana and also writes A Pastor’s Prayer Journey with me, and his friend Sam, are heading up a project called The Amazing 80. This is a project to raise $80,000 in order to build a multi-purpose building in Liberia, Africa. The building will be used as a school, church, and a center for clean water. You can go to and search for Amazing 80 and see a couple of videos on the project. You can also click Amazing 80 for more information directly from Dave and Sam.

Here and Here for videos.

Do what you can to involve yourself in this project and to share the news of this work that God has placed on Dave’s and Sam’s hearts. If you have any questions, contact Dave or Sam at the above link. They are most helpful.


One thought on “The Amazing 80: Liberia, Africa

  1. You should check out the documentary film IRON LADIES OF LIBERIA. This film chronicles Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’s first year in office and highlights the current political issues in Liberia. It certainly demonstrates the need—and more importantly–the preparedness in Liberian society to receive and implement international help. Perhaps it could be a tool for you’re fundraising.
    Best of luck!

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