Steven Curtis Chapman


Join me in praying for and suffering with the Steven Curtis Chapman family in their time of grief.






Mr Chapman’s music has touched many lives, and the work he and his wife have done for orphans is a remarkable testimony to the love of Christ in their lives. I join with the thousands of others in and around the Christian community who will pray for and mourn with this family.

Father in heaven, hallowed be Thy Name. Lord give courage to this family and strengthen them by the presence of your Spirit. Comfort them Lord by the presence of friends and family.  Love them Lord through the powerful name of Christ our Lord. May they know your compassion. And as they have touched and encouraged and strengthened so many through their ministry, now Lord may they be comforted with the comfort we have received from them. May your grace be a minister to them Lord in this day and hour and for the days to come. Lord we praise you and bless you for the grace that comes from Christ.

O Lord, we cry for mercy! We cry for grace! Lord let our tears be mingled with theirs and our prayers rise before you as an offering. There are no answers for these situations and I do not understand, how much less the family! O Lord, we cry out in despair and yet we trust you Lord for we are those who do not mourn as the rest. For we are counted among those who have trusted in your grace. I thank you Lord for the Chapman family and for the glory they have brought to your Name. I pray Lord, in Jesus’ name, that you will remember them. Heal them Lord. And someday, Lord, according to your mercy, return the music to their hearts and mouths. Better, don’t let the music depart.

In Jesus’ Name.

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