Sermon Prep for S*x* Preachers


Part of the reason for this blog’s existence is because I desire to help preachers with the task of preaching. I do this mostly by providing verse by verse expositions, in the form of meditations or devotionals, of Scripture.

Well, I have decided that I need to do a little more to help preachers so I this post is dedicated to sermon prep for those preachers among us who feel it is their vocation to preach about s** from the pulpit in order to help all those struggling couples (and singles!) who just cannot understand what s** means or how to actually do it. I know I am taking a great risk here, but the hit count is down and I want to be helpful.

Today’s post focuses on tips for the s*xy preacher from (insert drum roll): The Tyra Banks Show! Here are a few links to some of the more important posts I have seen at the official Tyra Banks Show blog or website or whatever it is.

First, from that super s*xy bastion of s*x*ality Sue Johanson: Three Tips.

Second, want to learn how an extra-marital affair can be a ‘good thing’?

Third, trouble with Teens and s*x? Tyra can help your sermon prep here.

Fourth, five things to say after a sermon s** by Sue Johanson.

Finally, need some help with your preaching concerning homosexuality? Well, Tyra can help you there too! With plenty of resources available, Tyra practically writes the sermon for you! Here.

I don’t know if Tyra has published any of this at sermoncentral yet, but wow, I sure hope she does! This is some good, really good, stuff!

This public service is brought to you by the letter Y. And, just for the record, this is satire.

But for all those preachers who feel compelled to invest their time in telling others about s**, well, whatever.



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