Grace Be With You, Your Constant Companion, Podcast #7


Here is the final sermon from my series of sermons covering the entire short letter of Paul to the Colossians. In this sermon I work through the issue of why Paul would write such a grand letter expounding on such high theological thoughts as the Supremacy of Christ and the Sufficiency of His Redemptive work and choose to end it by talking about such ‘low’ things as relationships in the church. The letter ends with a rather lengthy list of names of the various people that Paul worked with ‘for the Kingdom of God’ (his words). What I conclude is that it was grace that made such a diverse group of people able to use their various gifts to accomplish a single purpose. It was grace that bound the local church in Colossae to the larger church in the world exemplified in Paul’s references to Laodicea. And it was Grace that motivated Paul to continue working for the Kingdom of God despite the fact that he was ‘in chains.’ My point is that grace is sufficient not only in our salvation (justification; ‘in Christ’) but also in our daily living (sanctification; ‘in Colossae’). My focus is on grace. Grace Be With You.

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Soli Deo Gloria!


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