Ravi Zacharias on Atheism: Discerning Good and Evil


Last evening’s post had something to do with atheism and whether or not God exists. (Actually, the essay and my comments concerning the essay were not about whether or not God exists, but you’ll have to read the essay by Tingley to discern that.

Anyhow, here is a youtube video featuring Ravi Zacharias. I haven’t spent too much time with Zacharias, but recently started listening to a series of lectures he gave I believe at Harvard. Also this is the same Zacharias who was recently burned at the stake by some, uh, Christians, because he did not use the proper doxology at the end of a prayer he prayed. There are, evidently, six parts to this and this is but the first. I may or may not post the other 5. I like this one tonight.


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