A New Journey Begins


I have been pondering something deeply for a long time and I think perhaps some clarity is beginning to come through. I will be documenting this journey of mine on a new blog: Advance Signs.

I have taken these two words from a paragraph written by NT Wright: “If we are engaging in the work of new creation, in seeking to bring advance signs of God’s eventual new world into being in the present, in justice and beauty and a million other ways, then at the center of the picture stands the personal call of the gospel of Jesus to every child, woman, and man.” (Surprised by Hope, 225)

I am only beginning to understand what this means, but I will be chronicling the journey on my new blog. I invite you to participate and respond as I learn, grow, and share. There is much to be shared; much to be learned; and much to be done.

I have already made two brief posts.

1. Thy Kingdom Come, Thy Will be Done on earth…

2. All Things New

I hope you will have the time to stop by and participate in this journey, lend me your insights, grow with me in understanding God’s Kingdom and his will. I have a lot to learn and whatever help you can lend, whatever stories you can share about how Jesus is making all things new, would be much appreciated.

Soli Deo Gloria!


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