Eugene Peterson: Tell it Slant, pt 4 in the Conversations in Spiritual Theology


I have made it no secret here that my favorite author, far and away, is Eugene Peterson. I have been devouring his books since a professor in College introduced me to his writings in a small book on the Revelation called Reversed Thunder.

Well, Peterson’s work has come a long way and I have come a long way since first reading Reversed Thunder 16 years ago. As of late, I have been waiting and waiting and waiting on volume 4 of his proposed 5 volumes on Conversations in Spiritual Theology. His first three volumes (Christ Plays in Ten Thousand Places, Eat this Book, and The Jesus Way) were simply phenomenal. Now the time has arrived and the publication date has been set for October 15, 2008: Tell it Slant.

I cannot wait for this book. The last volume, The Jesus Way, was amazing. If you have not read anything by Eugene Peterson, I highly recommend that you do so. Start with Christ Plays in Ten Thousand Places or, go back to some of his older stuff like A Long Obedience in the Same Direction or Run With the Horses. You will find his work relevant, soundly embedded in Scripture, and highly readable. His work is scholarly and yet it is remarkably accessible. His insight into Scripture is breathtaking and his grasp of the landscape of literature, both past and present, is astounding. I cannot recommend his work enough.


2 thoughts on “Eugene Peterson: Tell it Slant, pt 4 in the Conversations in Spiritual Theology

  1. I also started reading Peterson with Reversed Thunder, best book on Revelation I’ve read. Can’t believe how many people read The Message but have never read one of his other books. Personal Favorite is Leap Over a Wall.

    – Peace

  2. Dave,

    The irony with me is that I have spent very little time reading The Message. I suppose that may well be why I find Peterson such a compelling theologian. Who knows?

    Thanks for stopping by.

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