Tom Wright on Scripture


This week I am reading another book by NT Wright. This week it is Simply Christian. I am enjoying reading about faith from his perspective and I am finding myself nodding in agreement with much of what he has written. On the other hand, I am also finding him agreeing with much of what I already have in mind.

Anyhow, here’s what I read today:

“In other words, the Bible isn’t there simply to be an accurate reference point for people who want to look things up and be sure they’ve got them right. It is there to equip God’s people to carry forward his purposes of new covenant and new creation. It is there to enable people to work for justice, to sustain their spirituality as they do so, to create and enhance relationships at every level, and to produce that new creation which will have about it something of the beauty of God himself. The Bible isn’t like an accurate description of how a car is made. It’s more like the mechanic who helps you fix it, the garage attendant who refuels it, and the guide who tells you how to get where you’re going. And where you’re going is to make God’s new creation happen in his world, not simply to find your own way unscathed through the old creation…The Bible is there to enable God’s people to be equipped to do God’s work in God’s world, not to give them an excuse to sit back smugly, knowing they possess all God’s truth.” (183)

Well, I really appreciate those words. It’s one thing to know what is in Scripture, to recite it, to conform to it. It is quite another to say, “So What?” That is, knowing, reciting, and conforming all lead us to the ‘so what’. I wonder how many people in the church actually think about what the Bible is there for?

I’m almost finished with this book. This will be my third Wright book in the last 3 weeks and I have one more sitting in my pile of stuff to read. This guy’s books are simply amazing.



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