Expanding the Sky Once Again


I am back from Junior High week at Blue Rock Christian Camp. What a fantastic week. We did a Route 66 class with the kids and took them through the entire 66 books of the Bible in 9 sessions. When I got their comment cards back–not one negative comment about it! Amazing!

I’d like to share some important information about recent developments in my life. First, my wife and I are in the process of purchasing our first home. We have been married for 17 years and lived in a church parsonage for about 13 of those years and lived in an apartment all the rest. This is an exciting development and we praise God for this blessing.

Second, I have been invited to write for a blog that some of you may know. The blog is CRN.Info and Analysis. This is a very serious blog that tackles the important work of dismantling the criticisms and un-grace of certain blogs associated with the ODM movement. I encourage you to visit CRN not because I write there, but because there is a team of dedicated writers who are committed to the Gospel of God’s grace. I should be making my first post there very soon.

I’m glad to be back with you in the world of blogdom. I’ll be writing to you again in the very soon future. Thanks to all who visited this week. I’m happy you were here.

PS–I also want to note that in my sidebar, I noted some changes that I made to LUBS earlier this year. These changes are mostly in attitude and graciousness. I still have strong opinions about some things, but I have decided to deal with commenters from a different point of view. Old posts may reflect a harsh point of view, but I have left them unchanged so that you may see growth of character and faith.

Thanks again,



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