A Funny Video Featuring Richard “Dick” Dawkins


I found this somewhat amusing. Enjoy. I have no idea who produced it or anything. It is just well done and amusing.

HT: Copache (Although, only go here if you have a strong stomach and are interested in the same tired regurgitated Darwinist propaganda and nostalgia.)



2 thoughts on “A Funny Video Featuring Richard “Dick” Dawkins

  1. Darwinist?

    …Nostalgia? Propaganda?


    I think you’re a bit off because the only tired propaganda and nostalgia is from the IDeists who claim intelligent design isn’t creationism.

    But thanks for the link back.

    …and dare I say, try to read a bit more. I covered who made it in the sequel post…

  2. Copache,

    Thanks for stopping by. You will find that I am not necessarily a fan of ID from that point of view. I think, contrary to your thought, that they want to be thought of as sincere scientists. On the other hand, I think they are Christians (for the most part) and know that as soon as their Christianity is discovered they are written off as whack-jobs.

    I accept Genesis as history and I make no secret of that here. I accept ID as a fun proposition, but to be sure, ID posits no identity for who or what the ‘intelligence’ is doing the designing. To an extent, ID and ‘creationism’ are at odds.


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