Random Blogs to Visit & Enjoy


I am continuing my series of blog posts designed to highlight some of the better blogs on the internet (and especially here at WordPress!) that you might enjoy. Today’s installment is Irreligious Life. The blog is written by Joel Black who happens to be a church planter in Japan. Joel has written about some books that I also enjoy, like NT Wright’s Simply Christian and The Shack by William Young. His blog has only been online for about three months, but he has a good start and some very thoughtful posts. I especially like his header which highlights the red letters of Jesus, “Follow Me.” This tells me a great deal about Joel.

It seems that there is a generation of Christians living in these days who are simply fed up with the simple answers and Sunday school readings of Scripture. Joel strikes me as one of those people–I can tell by the books he reads since I too am a reader of books. I think what ‘we’ are tired of is religion. This is a major point that Ellul is making in The Subversion of Christianity and, I suspect, Kung is making in On Being a Christian (although, to be sure, I’m not very far in Kung’s book just yet to say that with any confidence. Still, I hear Kung echo Ellul quite a lot.)

Well, anyhow. Visit Joel’s blog. He is a family man and even though I might be cautious about some of the authors he appears to enjoy (Jim Wallis for one), that doesn’t mean there is nothing worthwhile about his blog. I learned something today already: Do all religions lead to God? “No, because no religion leads to God any more than cups quench your thirst.” (Bruxy Cavey) Thanks Joel for a great blog and good luck!



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