A Fantastic Resource


The other day I was looking for a lecture by NT Wright on itunes. I found the lecture I was looking for, but I also found much more. I ended up linking up to Reformed Theological Seminary. RTS has a virtual academy where you can earn your degree the new fashioned way–online. But this is no mere advertisement for RTS. What I found is even better: You can download lectures for free. Click here: RTS on iTunes U. Once you are here, you can click to open itunes or download itunes software. When the whole thing is done, you will be presented with a smorgasbord of serious, seminary level lectures.

There are courses in the Old Testament, New Testament, church history, practical theology, systematic theology and more. There are lecture series and chapel messages too by top Christian theologians. Two ago, I downloaded a 38 lecture class covering Judges through Song of Solomon. The class is taught by Dr John Currid. This is not, as he says, a mere survey of the literature but an in depth theological discussion. I have already started listening to the lectures. If you have a hunger for Scripture and you want to get more involved in your study of God’s Word, this is an excellent place to start (especially if you wish to move beyond the basic Sunday school type of material.) I also downloaded a series of lectures by Dr Currid in which he discusses Polemical Theology, that is, the relationship between the Old Testament texts and ancient near eastern literature. Far from devaluing the Old Testament texts, Dr Currid argues that much of the OT was written precisely with these texts in mind and that they work very hard to counter those works of the early near easter pagan writers. Fantastic lectures!

I also found these lectures at Learn Out Loud.com. Search: Reformed Theological Seminary.

Enjoy your study of God’s Word.



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