Happier news could not have come our way today from the world of NASCAR (which basically sucks at this point in history for any number of reasons including, but not limited to, 1) Kyle Busch winning 2) Toyota 3) Kyle Busch winning in a Toyota 4) hardly any non-cable coverage). But, in an unprecedented move, NASCAR is bringing back the Southern 500. Said Chris Browning, president of Darlington Raceway:

“I wanted to get back to that name, because our whole image and our whole brand and who we are is built on history and tradition,” he said. “That name is synonymous with Darlington Raceway. Four years ago, it didn’t seem right to make that change. We were on a new date, there was a lot of stuff going on. Now I feel very good about the position Darlington’s in. With our four straight sellouts, the way the capital improvements have gone, everything has gone really well. Next year is a milestone year for us, being our 60th anniversary of racing. It was just perfect timing.”

Now If Jeff Gordon can just win a race all will be well.



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