Sermons on the Book of Daniel: The Church in Exile (2007)


For those of you who happen to preach or teach and need some extra help in preparation you might find this post helpful. All of the files below are found at and are available for access either by going to the widget below or by clicking the links in this post. The sermons are from the book of Daniel and each one is a full manuscript. I preach expository sermons. I have also including the corresponding Powerpoint presentations when one is available. They can also be downloaded from If you are some who enjoys reading, these sermons are highly readable. Each sermon reads the entire chapter the sermon is based on and also includes many other Scripture references too. I think you will find these sermons very encouraging and helpful. Later when time proves less of an issue, I will also post them at jerry

Part 1: The Church in Exile, various Scriptures

Part 2: The Providence of God Towards His own Ends, Daniel 1:1-21 PPT

Part 3: The Unshakable Kingdom of God, Daniel 2:1-49 PPT

Part 4: The Unshakable Disciples, Daniel 3:1-30, PPT

Part 5: Shaking the Shakable, Daniel 4:1-37, PPT

Part 6: The Once and Future History of Babylon the Great, Daniel 5:1-30

Part 7: When We Have No One Else to Cling To, Daniel 6:1-28, PPT

Part 8: The Kingdoms of Man and the Kingdom of God, pt 1, Daniel 7:1-28, PPT

Part 9: The Kingdoms of Man and the Kingdom of God, pt 2, Daniel 7:1-28, PPT

Part 10: That Hideous Strength, Daniel 8:1-27, PPT

Part 11: The Prayers We Pray & The Answers to the Prayers We Pray, Daniel 9:1-27

Part 12: Concerning the Great War and The End, Daniel 10:1-11:45

Part 13: The End of Daniel’s Gospel: The Resurrection of the Saints, Daniel 12:1-13

Soli Deo Gloria!

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