Blogs to Visit and Enjoy #3: My Friend Tim Reed, Owosso, MI


I’ve been doing these little posts for a while–I think this would be the third (haha)–alerting you to blogs on the web that are worth the time and effort. Well today is another such day.

You know that I write for a blog called, a blog dedicated to the proposition that God’s grace is a lot bigger than our theological differences. I have made some great friends over there, but sadly I have not taken a lot of time to promote the individual blogs of the other writers. Today I will begin to rectify that by pointing the blog of a friend of mine named Tim Reed. Tim has taken a few hits on the blogging chin lately and I thought perhaps it would be a good time to encourage him by writing some positive thoughts about his blog and his work.

Tim’s blog is called Church Voices and he shares this blog with a couple of other writers. Tim is the preaching minister of the Owosso Church of Christ in Owosso, Michigan (a fine Michigan community up the road from where I went to school in Lansing, Michigan.) If you are up that way, you should give Tim a visit and worship with the congregation he serves. Tim has a mirror site called Sermons from Tim Reed where you can, surprise, surprise, listen to audio of Tim’s sermons.

To get you started with Tim, here’s a sample from a post he titled, “Pray Like a Tax Collector.” Commenting on Luke 18:13-14, Tim writes,

This has always been one of my favorite pieces of scriptures. What makes it so incredible is the gospel colliding with real life (or at least as real as a parable is). Its one thing to dispassionately state that even the most wretched sinner on earth goes away justified solely on the mercy of God. Whenever I meditate on this passage I always ask myself this question: When I pray do I approach the throne of grace with the humility of someone who does so only because of the mercy of God?

I don’t suspect that you will always agree with everything Tim writes or with the manner in which he writes it. But neither do I think that matters. What matters is that Tim belongs to Jesus and loves to write about Him, live for Him, and share Him with others. I think you will enjoy Tim’s blog.



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