New Feature at A Pastor’s Prayer Journal


I have started to regularly update A Pastor’s Prayer Journal. I am in the process of developing a seminar on prayer. I delivered my first session this past weekend at Family Camp at our local Christian campgrounds. The session was titled: Praying the Scripture. (I will be producing a semi-transcript of the hour long session soon and posting it at PPJ.

This new feature I am posting is simply called ‘prayer thoughts’. During my morning devotional time I have been following the ACTS pattern of prayer and reading the same four passages of Scripture for one week at a time. (This is also in conjunction with my practice of praying the Scripture.) My first installment of this series of posts has been posted tonight and is available.

The four parts include: Adoration (Habakkuk 1-3); Confession (Daniel 9:1-21); Thanksgiving (Revelation 4-5); Supplication (Acts 4:23-31). Click herefor an online Bible.

Join me in prayer.

Always For God’s Glory!

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