Audio from DA Carson


It is a DA Carson bonanza! Oooh! You know I am big fan of his and I happen to believe, with the exception of his strident Calvinism, that he is a brilliant expositor of Scripture. Anyhow, a friend provided a link, after he did some down-the-rabbit-hole searching and came up with the Nashville Conference on the Church and Theology. Once there, click on the ‘audio’ link on the sidebar and you will be taken to a media page where you can listen or download four different messages from Carson. The four titles are:

  • Keeping Up the Conversation
  • The Gospel and Postmodern Minds
  • We Preach Christ Crucified
  • The God Who Helps

Judging from the titles, they might have something to do with the book Carson wrote called Becoming Conversant with the Emerging Church. I have downloaded them and will begin listening this weekend. Good luck!



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