Another ‘The Shack’ Post


I’m actually sort of in shock that people are still blogging about The Shack and that there even needs to be so much conversation about it. Still, the Internetmonk has written yet another wonderful post on the book and concedes that the blog posting may not end anytime soon. I’d encourage you to read his post. It is helpful and, in the monk’s witty style, excellent reading.

In other words, the theological fact checkers are probably missing what is so appealing to readers of The Shack, even as they see some crimes in progress. It is a contemporary Pilgrim’s Progress, but the pilgrim is a not a 17th century puritan, but a 21st century evangelical. The burden isn’t sin, but the hurtful events of the past. The journey is not the way to heaven, but the way back to believing in a God of goodness, kindness and love.

Young did not write a theological treatise. He wrote a story. That’s what we humans do. We create, we imagine, we think about the way things are and write down our reflections. The problem with people who overly criticize The Shack is that too many folks out there are so interested in the forest and the trees that they miss the little brown building sitting in the middle of it where a man in some sort of comatose condition had a dream that he met the trinitarian God and had a conversation about his daughter and, eventually, found his way back to God. There are a lot of people in the world who are disillusioned about God precisely because of hurt and pain in their past and present. I still believe The Shack can go a long way towards healing that hurt and leading them back to the Creator.

If you have some pain in your life, some hurt that won’t heal; if you have a burr in your saddle because you think or believe God has let you down, give The Shack a try. I am confident it will help you find your way back to God.

Always For God’s Glory!

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