Endangered Species #11


I happened to be visiting Live-Science.com this evening and I came across an interesting article titled 10 Species You Can Kiss Goodbye. It is a picture essay listing ten different animals that are considered ‘endangered’ by someone who is, evidently, an expert. Doing my part to spread this disturbing news, I will here list the 10 species that are on the list and the cause of their endangerment.

  1. California Condor: poaching, lead poisoning, habitat loss
  2. Sumatran Orangutan: habitat loss
  3. Ganges Shark: rampant fishing, habitat degradation, river utilization (presumably by evil humans)
  4. Mountain Gorilla: deforestation, hunting, illegal pet trade, civil unrest by evil humans in central Africa
  5. Philippine Crocodile: habitat loss, death by dynamite fishing, human disturbance
  6. Black-footed Ferret: human development of grasslands, destruction of prairie-dog colonies, habitat destruction, pest-elimination programs by evil humans who hate pests, disease
  7. Siberian Tiger: habitat loss by evil humans who want the logs, development, poaching for fur and bones
  8. Red Wolf: devastation by predator control programs, habitat loss, dearth of breeding partners caused them to breed with coyotes reducing the number of genetically pure wolves
  9. Western Gray Whale: “Their only known feeding ground off the northeastern coast of Sakhalin
    Island in Russia has since been annexed by oil companies whose
    exploration and mining activities, including high-intensity seismic
    surveying, drilling operations, increased ship and air traffic, and oil
    spills, are driving the 30-ton mammals to extinction.”
  10. Sumatran Rhinoceros: Illegal poaching, destruction of habitat in the ‘name of [evil] human progress, zoos have little success breeding them in captivity.

Well, there you have it. I’d like to do my part to help out these animals, but I’d also like to, in the interests of the current presidential campaigns being conducted in America, contribute my own creature to the list of endangered species and cite the primary causes of their demise:

11. Human beings: Abortion, terrorism, sin.

Here’s hoping that our current presidential candidates will do everything in their power to get human beings taken off this endangered species list.


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