Sing us a Dirge: On Honesty in the Congregation

Friends, The latest issue of Touchstone is now available and as I was reading through it today I cam across a short essay by Christopher Jackson titled Minor Keys to the Kingdom. I wish there was an online link available, but the best I can do is refer you to the September 2008 issue and… Continue reading Sing us a Dirge: On Honesty in the Congregation

SkyCast: Plundering God, Isaiah 3:1-4:1

Friends, I printed the manuscript below for this sermon on Isaiah 3:1-4:1. The audio takes about 22 minutes or so-I am becoming much more efficient in my preaching. In this sermon, I follow on the heals of last week’s sermon which dealt primarily with trusting God. In this sermon, what I did was take that… Continue reading SkyCast: Plundering God, Isaiah 3:1-4:1