A Meaningless Poll of the World


I found a meaningless article at the BBC online today. Turns out that the majority of nearly 23,000 people from 17 different countries would prefer Senator Barack Obama as the next president. Well, I have a couple of thoughts on this poll.

First, who cares what people around the world think of who should be our president? On the one hand, they will not have to live under his authority, deal with the repercussions of his horrible doctrines, make sacrifices when he screws things up, or live with the embarassment of his poor decisions, or live with the consequences of his liberal policies, or his selection of supreme court justices…etc. Of course the world wants Obama–they know he will foul things up in the US and then they can sit back and laugh at us. On the other hand, as history has shown, the people around the world really couldn’t care less: The United States is an equal opportunity immigration center, we are an equal opportunity ‘we’ll send you billions of American tax-dollars when you have a disaster regardless of how many times you have tried to blow us up’ nation, we are an equal opportunity nation of ‘come here and we’ll give you plenty of handouts, plenty of welfare, plenty of….agghhhh…’, we are an equal opportunity enemy of the world because we have an economy that works, freedom of speech, etc. Whatever.

Second, in related news, the votes of the citizens of other nations amount to absolutely nothing in American elections. The good senator Obama proved this to be true by receiving resounding applause from Germans this past summer–I heard like 80,000 people! Who cares? The next president will not be popular in any of those countries regardless of what party he is from–until, of course, they have a disaster and need money from American tax payers.

Third, I wonder why those people in other countries would care about who runs the US? Everyone knows that congress runs the country, not the president. But, what vested interest would those in these other 17 countries have if Senator Obama were elected president? I wonder why these people would be opposed to another Republican president? Hmmm…I wonder….what could it be….hmmmm….????

Well, whatever. I wonder why no one ever polls people in the USA to ask what American citizens think about elections in, say, Iran, or Russia, or Afghanistan, or Saudi Arabia, or…oh, that’s right…


5 thoughts on “A Meaningless Poll of the World

  1. Not so long ago, I could have written this post because my opinions were very much like what you have written. That all changed within the last year because I met someone from Syria who respectfully and honestly discussed with me why Arabs (he spoke for them since he is one) watch our elections with such interest. Really, if I had cared enough to see the situations in Iraq and with the Palestinians from the Arab perspective, I would have understood much earlier.

    I really don’t get the Europeans’ disdain of Republicans as much (except that they hate Bush and think that McCain is a third Bush term), but I do much better understand why the Arabs don’t care for them.

    I urge you to try finding out their side in order to educate yourself on why they care. Sadly, our elections DO affect their lives, and the thing is, they have no vote in the matter.

    Feel free to visit my blog for more information. I’d like to hear your comments on anything posted over there or here.

    Thank you! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Susanne,

    Thanks for stopping by and giving me the other side of this story. I think the reason the story bugged me was because it was so typically biased for senator Obama. I don’t understand the angst either.

    I would seriously like to know why the Arabs are so offended by Bush when he has done nothing but try to help liberate them from the tyranny of oppressive leadership. That I don’t get.


  3. Oh, I completely understand the media bias that bugged you! It’s rather “funny” to see how the media is trying to get their man elected.

    Again, I understand why you ask that about the Arabs because I thought exactly like you not so long ago! Really, it’s very enlightening to actually talk to Arabs in order to understand a different side. What we see as liberators, many of them see as destroyers and occupiers. I guess one of the most thought-provoking things for me was asking myself how would I feel if, say, the Chinese or Iranian flag were flown in Washington, D.C. And how would I feel if my family were forced out of our house and made to lie face down on the ground by a foreign army who had invaded MY land. And if my son were killed because he was walking the streets of MY city and the foreign occupiers thought he could *possibly* be a terrorist, so they killed him. When you start seeing these things from the other side, it makes a difference.

    And as for America trying to liberate them from the tyranny of oppressive leadership, why then is Saudi Arabia and Egypt supported by us? SA is one of the most oppressive places in the world. The women there are not even allowed to drive. Yet SA and Egypt are our allies. Hmmmm.

    And we say we are for democracy, right? Why then do we support Israel as they impose inhumane sanctions on the Gazans. Did you know Hamas was FREELY elected by the Gazans? Yes, their own democracy at work and we punish them for something we say we promote. Isn’t that fishy?

    I invite you to read at our new blog and ask Samer some of these questions. He is passionate about this, but VERY kind and respectful. If he had attacked me about these issues and accused me, I would never have given him the time of day. But, in fact, he was very patient and only shared his point of view so I could see a broader perspective. In the process, God helped me see things from another point of view AND, more importantly, He gave me a heart for reaching the Arabs and Muslims for Christ. I never really cared so much for those groups before. Figured they were too far gone or not worth my time or something.

    Anyway, hope to see you around. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Here is the blog if you would like to check it out. You can read how Samer and I met, lessons I learned about Arabs and we just started commenting on things in the news during the last day or so.


    Thanks for your time.

  4. I cannot answer for SA or Egypt. I personally don’t think we should be allied with either since both repress and oppress Christians. Nonetheless we are. As far as the flag is concerned, I’m indifferent. I might turn it around and say, “How would you feel if people from ‘Arab’ nations destroyed people and property in your nation?” I might answer that my government has a responsibility to protect the citizens of this land. Doesn’t matter much if Hamas was freely elected or not. So was Hitler and a host of others like him.

    We can agree to disagree. I don’t think all should be painted with the same brush, and I don’t mean to do that. My point in posting this was simply to point out, what you caught in your first paragraph, that the media is biased for their particular candidate who happens to be Senator Obama.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  5. Thank you for your reply. I do understand the point of your article and the connection to the media bias re: Obama. Definitely we agree on that! ๐Ÿ™‚

    As a disclaimer on the other stuff: I said what I did about Hamas being elected, in order to point out that was democracy at work since our country often goes about on its missions to “bring democracy” to whatever nation we are currently “helping.” I’m not a fan of Hamas’ tactics though I DO better understand their reasons for fighting and why the Gazans elected them to office. (Think of someone defending or taking back land that was stolen — a freedom fighter … that’s how they are from another perspective.) But neither can I say I am a fan of the secular Zionist Israel that also oppresses Christians in her land while at the same time uses the evangelical Christians in America to promote Israel’s political agenda. They want our support financially and in our words, but they do NOT want us evangelizing their people. They desire a Jewish state … not a Christian one.

    And I understand, too, your comment about a country protecting its citizens and the whole 9/11 connection I think you were making … but if we wanted to punish an Arab nation for that, we should have gone after our friends, the Saudis since I am almost positive most of the 9/11 perps were from our allied country and NOT Iraq.

    Anyway…I know we disagree, but, maybe you will better understand the Arab mindset a little more after our discussion. And the next time you hear of Arabs angry about America’s involvement in their region, you might understand why. It was really helpful to me to learn these things.

    I appreciate your time and thank you for letting me comment. Have a wonderful Sunday.

    ~ Susanne

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