The Dangerous God, 2: 1 Samuel 17, The God who Does Bigger with Smaller


Sermon 2 in the Dangerous God series. This sermon exposes the battle of David and Goliath as more than a small person overcoming some giant in his life. David and Goliath was a battle of a righteous God versus the pagan gods of the Philistines. This is the seed of the woman versus the seed of the serpent, righteousness versus unrighteousness. There are a few places where the audio drops out, but I’m sure you can fill in those spots by following my reasoning. This was no mere military battle as is shown by the fact that David did not go out prepared for a military battle. This was a theological battle and David went out and fought a battle ‘in the Name of the Lord.’ David went out as a shepherd and fought a battle against a warrior. Irony. David believed that the battle was already won before he stepped onto the battle field because David knew that Goliath’s main weakness was the very unrighteousness that he stood for. The sermon is about 35 minutes long.

Listen here: The God who Does Bigger with Smaller, 1 Samuel 17

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Always for His glory!

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