Richard Dawkins is Probably not an Atheist

Friends, Here’s a funny story from the Christian Post: “No God” Ads to Hit London Buses. I guess Dick and his friends at the British Humanist Association are raising money (or have already and continue to do so) in order to put advertisements on city buses. Says the article: The slogan is the brainchild of… Continue reading Richard Dawkins is Probably not an Atheist

McCain, Obama & their Friends

Friends, So I was watching Hannity and Colmes last night with my wife and afterward I watched about 10 minutes of Greta. I don’t care about politics this year and I have decided that I am not voting for either Senator Obama or Senator McCain, but something came up in the course of these two… Continue reading McCain, Obama & their Friends

New Post at Advance Signs

Friends, I have a new post at my blog Advance Signs concerning Fellowship of Christian Athletes.  Learn a little about what this ministry is doing in my neighborhood and link back to the FCA homepage where you can learn about starting FCA in your own school. Great thing about FCA is that it is open… Continue reading New Post at Advance Signs