imonk on Osteen (& others)


I have not spent a great deal of time here, I don’t think, writing about the likes of Joel Osteen (& others) primarily because I don’t read their books or watch their programs or listen to their sermons. (Anytime I hear a snippet or a blurb, in the words of Mr Krabs from Spongebob Squarepants, “I think I’m gonna be sick.) I normally leave the critiquing to others even though I’m well aware of the danger of their ‘gospel.’

That said, I want to direct your attention to imonk who has posted a couple of youtube videos concerning Joel Osteen. One is from Mark Driscoll of Mars Hill and the other is from Michael Horton of White Horse Inn. In this post, he only has the clips and a conversation thread. In the thread, he responds to a question about Joyce Meyer with this answer:

>Would you be willing to send her to Joyce Meyer, when other genuine Christians, believers and lovers of Jesus, have testified that Meyer has helped them overcome the darkness of their past?

Absolutely not. I’m not going to start a Meyer thread, but she bilked $54 million off needy people, lives like a queen, practices the most perposterous [sic.] phony acts of compassion and unless she’s changed, denies essentials to the Gospel. Her interview with todd wilkin [sic.] on issues, etc and the coverage of her by the St. Louis newspaper are both required. She’s a thief and a liar, just like the rest of them. They should be repudiated and condemned by every pastor and minister with any integrity. Tell the truth about these people! They are thieves enriching themselves and using the money that could help millions to live in palaces! What Jesus is that?

In a second post on Osteen (The Osteen Review 90% of Evangelicals Won’t Write), imonk praises Newsweeks review of Victoria Osteen’s new book. He sums up his concern about Osteen’s teaching with this powerful remark:

With all due repect [sic.], Osteen is preaching a false gospel- a lie-representing it as the true Gospel, turning millions OFF of the truth (Name one Osteen disciple who is now a sound Christian who repudiates the prosperity lie) and is setting the table for a further humiliation of the Gospel in America. Millions will be in hell because of Osteen.

Wow! That is a serious assessment. The conversation thread at imonk iss always worth the read. If you are a big fan of Osteen or Meyer or you are thinking of becoming a big fan, listen first to imonk and get another opinion first. imonk has some other important links for you to follow.


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