Here is the latest Skycast from my series 90 Days with Scripture. In this sermon, I explore Luke chapters 1 and 2 and examine four areas that that are subverted in the birth narratives of Jesus. The problem we have as modern disciples is that we have sacralized and sanitized the birth narratives of Jesus and turned them into Christmas. This is unfortunate because it really, terribly detracts from the subversive work that God was doing through His Holy Spirit in those days. The four areas I examine in this sermon are: History, human power, our conceptions of discipleship, and worship. In all four of these areas, God undoes humanity. It is, to be sure, terribly frightening in that it these ideas are drawn from the birth narratives. The sermon runs about 35 minutes and I have posted the manuscript below and also at my account. jerry PS–my recorder failed during part 8 of the series from Matthew 1. I have, however, posted the manuscript below.

You can download here: Luke 1-2, Jesus pt 1

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Part 1: Genesis 3, Where it All Went Wrong
Part 2: Genesis 12:1-9, A Blessing for All People
Part 3: Exodus 7-12 (a), Freedom For God’s People
Part 4: Exodus 7-12 (b), Freedom For God’s People, b
Part 5: 2 Samuel 5-7, The King
Part 6: Isaiah 60-66, The New Heavens and New Earth
Part 7: Jeremiah 31, The New Covenant
Part 8: Matthew 1, Jesus pt 1
Part 9: Luke 1-2, Jesus pt 2

Other download options are available through feedburner and

Always for His glory!


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