That’s My King!


I have been preaching a sermon series I called 90 Days with Scripture.  I have traced the ‘big picture’ from Genesis through Luke and this week I will be in the book of John talking about the resurrection of Jesus.

So I was studying and petitioning and preparing when I suddenly remembered that I had heard a phrase one time about ‘it’s Friday but Sunday’s coming.’ I did a quick search, found the greater context, but I also came across something else that really stirred my soul and mind and body. This youtube video is kind of gnarly, and there is a better, cleaner version here. Still, this is amazing and powerful. This is from a sermon by a preacher named SM Lockridge.


3 thoughts on “That’s My King!

  1. I read your open letter to rev ed young regarding the seven day sex challenge, i had never heard anything about this as i am from merry old england, but I think this video is fantastic in showing the crucialness of preaching christ, and his gospel, which you talk about in your open letter. maybe just send him the link to this video?
    God Bless

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