Marriage, Holiness and Grace

[This is the text of the sermon I preached at the wedding of some dear friends. I trust they will not be angry that I have published the sermon here for others to benefit from. I admit that I took some liberties with my application of Isaiah 6, but not too many. I also confess… Continue reading Marriage, Holiness and Grace

Constructive Words

I found this thought particularly helpful and encouraging: If I ran a seminary, I’d make blogging a requirement. What better way to practice finding something worthwhile to say every day? If this is true, and I’m leaning towards it being so, then blogging should be required of every CHRISTIAN–not just those in seminary. Every Christian… Continue reading Constructive Words

Negative and Positive Blogging

I was recently reminded of a short but important blog post over at Boar’s Head Tavern.  It’s an older post from January, written by Paul McCain, but it is still worth reading: Satan is a master of a thousand arts when it comes to pulling us away from Christ. I was just working on some… Continue reading Negative and Positive Blogging