Bible School Lessons from John’s Gospel


I started this blog for the primary purpose of writing 90 days worth of meditations from John’s Gospel. Those meditations coincided with a 4 1/2 month sermon series from the same and were posted here under the heading “90 Days with Jesus”.

We also coordinated our Bible School classes and all ages were taught from the same lessons (adapted of course to each age group). I am currently uploading those files to my account and there they will be freely available to any who so choose top download them.

In this post, I am providing  links to the Bible School material. The exegetical notes file consists of 114 pages of variously written notes (many quotes, outlines, etc.) and the lesson pages themselves are provided under separate links. The notes are according to my style and may be unedited or otherwise unfinished.  There are 18 total lessons. The chapters I didn’t write a lesson for are covered in the sermon aspect of the series. I will post the sermons in a separate post later. Thanks for stopping by. jerry PS–Let me know if any of the links fail.

The sermons to go along with these Bible School lessons are now available. Click the link: 90 Days with Jesus, John’s Gospel and you will have access to 17 of 18 of the sermons (I have to retype one) and the links. Thanks, jerry

Exegetical Study Notes

Lesson 1    John 2:1-11

Lesson 2   John 2:12-25

Lesson 3   John 3 :1-21

Lesson 4   John 4:1-54

Lesson 5   John 5:1-47

Lesson 6   John 8:1-30

Lesson 7   John 11:1-57

Lesson 8   John 12:1-19, 37-50

Lesson 9   John 13:1-38

Lesson 10  John 14:1-31

Lesson 11  John 15:1-16:4

Lesson 12  John 16:5-33

Lesson 13  John 17:1-26

Lesson 14  John 18:1-40

Lesson 15  John 19:1-42

Lesson 16  John 20:1-31

Lesson 17  John 21:1-25

Lesson 18  Overview/Review

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