Rare Baseball Post: An Indifferent Media?

There is a poll at ESPN.com right now that posed the question: Who do you most blame most for the steroid mess in baseball?

The choices are as follows:

  • The Players who cheated
  • The players who knew, but looked the other way
  • Players Union
  • Commissioner’s Office
  • Indifferent Media

Did you see the last one? Indifferent Media? Are you kidding me? Well, I’m not sure which ‘lunatic’  at the ‘ESPN.com asylum’ wrote that poll, but clearly it is a person who has not in any way followed the story of steroids in baseball. On the contrary, sir, the media has been anything but indifferent in this so-called mess. It is the media who have caused this problem. It is the media who have dredged up all these stories and ruined for many of us the great game of baseball.

You all clamored for the home runs to be hit. You all fawned over the players who broke the records. You had no problem with McGwire and Sosa when their home run competition lit a new fire in America for baseball. You media morons kill these guys with your ‘investigations’ and stories and breaking news and exposes and exclusive reports. You are the ones who have destroyed reputations of these men. It is you media hounds, you self-righteous, arrogant, voyeurs who have caused all these problems. You couldn’t be content to leave it alone, could you? You sit in your stupid cubicles and condemn people before you even have evidence. You are the problem. You cast stones, even though you live in glass houses. You have logs in your own eyes, even though you try to remove specks from the eyes of others.You have salivated and judged guilty anyone you wanted so that you could get your stories.

There is nothing honorable in what the media have done. The media is hardly an indifferent and uninterested party in this story. They are complicit with the commissioner’s office (to say nothing of that joke Mitchell Report.) Thank you for ruining baseball for the rest of us.

I’ll say this too: Second in line is the commissioner’s office. I lay this at the door step of that pathetic commissioner of MLB. He has no right to hold these men accountable for anything. He is not worthy to hold that office. He wanted this all along. That is, he had every chance to do something about it long before it became public and didn’t. All he is doing now is covering his own ass. Plain and simple.

These are the same people who have prevented the reinstatement of Pete Rose into Major League Baseball. These are the same ones who will prevent Mark McGwire from being in the Hall of Fame and have done their best to destroy the reputation of Roger Clemens and have virtually crucified Barry Bonds. (Although, none of them had any problems giving these men Cy Young Awards and MVP’s and other accolades.) I’ll say this: If Rose is banned for gambling on the game, then these players ought to be banned for cheating. Isn’t that why Shoeless Joe was banned for? Cheating? Isn’t that the gist of Rose’s ban? If there is proof of guilt, then the records and awards ought to be erased or the players ought to be banned. What’s good for Rose is good for the rest. But you won’t be honorable because these players make you lots and lots of money, don’t they? That’s why this is such a farce and a travesty and a joke.

Reinstate Pete Rose!

Just so I am not misinterpreted: I blame the Media. I blame the salivating, voyeuristic, self-righteous media for the steroid issue. Then I blame the Commissioner’s office. I’m just about done with ESPN.com.

Reinstate Pete Rose!!


  1. Joe

    Can I post this on my baseball blogs?

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