Reflecting on Reflections


From time to time I like to feature a guest post here at Life Under the Blue Sky. This is one of those times. A member of the congregation I serve has been volunteering in the Church office. Part of her ‘duties’ is to help with the publication of the monthly church paper. She helps by filling out the content and this guest post is her most recent contribution. I think you will enjoy it very much.


I have been volunteering in my church’s office and part of that service is to write for the monthly newsletter. This is my column for May.

Reflections from the Secretary’s Desk – May 2009

A reflection is an image or a representation it also is a thought occurring in consideration or meditation. I have written my past columns as a reflection of what I was considering or meditating on each month. This column is more in line with the first definition. What is my image, my representation of Christ and His Church? I am stating that every member of this church needs to consider this question too.

Take this paper and go find a mirror. Look at yourself and ask yourself some of these hard questions. Is it easy to look yourself in the eye and answer them? How comfortable are you with your own truth?

What are you feeling? What have you done recently to restore order and peace to the congregation? Who are you accountable to for your behavior? Who are you listening to, the voice of dissension or the voice of God? Have you done anything to harm the reputation of this congregation? Who is in control of your actions and words? Who are you following?

In Proverbs 6, Solomon lists six things that the Lord hates. They include feet that are quick to rush into evil and a man who stirs up dissension among brothers. What are your feet rushing to do each day? What are you stirring?

I have spent a long time agonizing over these questions and the issues behind them. I wanted to make sure I was without a plank in my eye before I asked. Your image of me may be completely different from mine of myself, but there you are. I want to be this woman: well known for her good deeds, showing hospitality, helping those in trouble. I never want to be accused of being this woman: being idle and going about from house to house, becoming a gossip or busybody and saying things I ought not to. These descriptions can be found in 1Timothy 5.

Whose image do you see in your reflection?


I hope you enjoy this. It caused me a great deal of…uh…well…reflection. I wrote to Beth (the author of the post) and told her, “It takes a great deal of courage to examine the self, and an even greater deal of courage to publish the results to the world. She gave me permission to make the results known to an even wider audience–that’s you.

I think in the church we have a lot to think about and much to learn. I pray you will grow in his grace even as I am, even as Beth is. Together, as we grow, we can create an environment in the church where people can be built up in their faith, by the Word of God, and not torn down because of  bad judgments.

Soli Deo Gloria!


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