Lectionary Notes Acts 8:26-40

Here is my third installment of this week’s lectionary notes. These notes are from Acts 8:26-40. It is a short set of notes primarily because I won’t be preaching from this text this week. Still, there’s 8 pages and plenty of references and a couple of outlines. Resources include Rob Bell, Roy Clements, Aijith Fernando, and more. Be Blessed.

May 10, 2009, A Desert Road, a Dry Man, Acts 8:26-40.


Finally, evangelism. Strange that God would choose an Ethiopian eunuch as one of the first converts. Strange the ones that God chooses to be his emissaries. Perhaps stranger still that the eunuch would be going back to Ethiopia without a Bible, without an apostle, without any guidance whatsoever for his new found faith. I wonder if any of the fruit of that first African conversion remains to this day? What is the importance of evangelism? The eunuch went on his way ‘rejoicing.’ “Who can speak of his descendants?” (33) But eunuchs have no descendants, but who can speak of his? Evangelism invites eunuchs to become fathers and prostitutes to become brides. Evangelism invites orphans to become sons and daughters. Evangelism invites people into the story of the Lamb. Evangelism meets people along the desert road and even out of ‘dry trees’ flows springs of living water. Evangelism sends people back to their home town with a completely new story to tell and share with the people they work with and for. Evangelism allows people to see that God can do with them what they cannot do for themselves. Evangelism tells the story of Jesus to those who ask.

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