Closed for New Life


To all of you who have at anytime visited this blog and interacted with me, I want to say thank you. Sometime next month (maybe sooner) I will surpass 100,000 hits and I am happy about that. I am no longer a paid preacher. I resigned from my church last month amidst not a little unrest in the congregation.

I will leave the blog open because people are still accessing the sermons and bible school lessons I have posted here and uploaded at

I am still blogging and will continue to do so as I make this transition and mid-life career change. I am currently enrolled in Graduate School at Cleveland State University where I am pursuing a Master’s Degree in Education and teacher licensure. My specialization will be in Special Education with emphasis in Moderate/Intensive.

Thanks for all the reading and conversation throughout the last few years. I have made a lot of friends and learned a lot from all of you. Below are links to places I will continue to blog.

Pilgrim at Lake View Avenue

Relevant Christian & Analysis

God Bless.

Grace and peace.


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