Science Resources


I saw this link via a Twitter post and followed the link to a post by Richard Byrne, so HT to Richard and thanks.

Save_our_beach_200If you like science as much as I do and you teach it in your classroom as I do (yes, even the students in my Resource Room are exposed to science on a daily basis) then you might find this website hosted by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration helpful as a supplement. It's called Games: Planet Arcade.


There are 25 different interactive games available from puzzles to matching to connect the dots to board games. You will learn about w Scavenger_hunt_200eather, conservation, animals and more. 

I suppose this might be better for supplementing a lesson or maybe good for a day when there is a guest teacher in the classroom. I'm not endorsing everything you find here, but simply pointing the way to something that may be helpful to you in your work. 

I am a big believer in teachin science to our students and any resource I can find and use is of some benefit, I will try and incorporate in our daily lessons. Enjoy the resource. 


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