500 Words Per Day: Television

So many things have changed in the few years I have been privileged to walk this earth. I just heard a guy on television ask, 'Guys, what is the number one problem in the world today?' Since the commercial was advertising KFC, I'm not sure the answer was any more meaningful than the question. One of the best things to have changed is the television control. It's long since been remote and features a mute button.

Now I'm watching a commercial for Midas car parts store featuring a talking golden hand. Now an athlete. Before that it was Pinnochio in a Geico commercial. Now Dairy Queen. There's always someone on television trying to make me laugh or make me hungry or make me thirsty. Mostly all of it just aggravates me.

You know it's a sad day for writing when the best you have to offer is a commentary on the commercials being played during the breaks of an NBA game on TNT. The Lakers, by the way, are the worst team in the league this year but they still get more airtime than other teams that actually have winning records. I like watching the NBA but I'd like a little more diversity in the broadcast schedule. I haven't seen the Atlanta Hawks once this year. Nor have I seen the Sacramento Kings, the Toronto Raptors, the Washington Wizards, and a couple of  others. The Association has an agenda I guess and the assumption they make is that people would rather watch a lousy Lakers team starring Pau Gasol than to watch an exciting Wizards game starring John Wall of the Cavaliers featuring Kyrie Irving.

The viewing habits of people must be exciting for those who make the broadcasting schedule. I mean that must be some amazing statistical data to interpret.

The NBA wants us to believe they care. This time they want us to know they care about the killing of African Rhinoceros' and Elephants. It's important that the NBA is so globally minded.

I'm using my 500 words to talk about television and how mind-numbingly banal it is. I mean seriously, with as much revenue as the NBA generates on a yearly basis, it is safe to say they could invest a small percentage of that money and buy Africa and evict all the killers of Rhinos and Elephants and Hefalumps and Woozles.

Seriously, rich athletes amaze me because they go out of their way to find these causes and to heighten our awareness of these causes so that we won't sit around wondering at the injustice of grown men making millions of dollars per year throwing, catching, shooting, hitting or slapping a ball made from cow hide or pigskin. Athletes are the new politicians: distract my eyes with charity so I won't see your hands stealing cookies. 

I wonder how much money the Association donates each year to end the illegal ivory trade in Africa? Or to stop a genocide? Or to end the slave trade?

I wonder. 

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