Book Review: Autism Breakthrough

Title: Autism Breakthrough Author: Raun K Kaufman Publisher: St Martin's Press Year: 204 Pages: 341 (e-book) Autism Treatment Center of America Autism Breakthrough: Additional Content Autism Treatment Center of America: Facebook The Son-Rise Program: Blog [I am required by FCC law to inform you that I received a free e-copy of this book in exchange… Continue reading Book Review: Autism Breakthrough

Book Review: Primal Fire

Title: Primal Fire Author: Neil Cole Publisher: Tyndale or TyndaleMomentum Year: 2014 Pages: 294 Free Study Guide: BookClubHub Neil Cole on Twitter: @Neil_Cole Neil Cole Blogs at: Cole-Slaw Interview with Neil Cole & Frank Viola concerning the Organic Church movement Alan Hirsch: The Forgotten Ways [I include this link only because Cole frequently refers to Hirsch.… Continue reading Book Review: Primal Fire

Book Review: Schools in Crisis (Barna FRAME Book)

Title: Schools in Crisis Author: Nicole Baker Fulgham Publisher: Zondervan Year: 2013 Pages: 90 Barna Group FRAMES on Twitter: @barnaframes FRAMES Be Undivided [WE BELIEVE building strong community means making sure kids and schools thrive. Be|Undivided is churches investing time and effort year-round in students and schools. Whatever the need. And without agenda or strings… Continue reading Book Review: Schools in Crisis (Barna FRAME Book)

Book Review: Myth of the Spoiled Child

Title: The Myth of the Spoiled Child Author: Alfie Kohn Publisher: Da Capo Lifelong Books Date: 2014 Pages: (preview copy e-book) via netgalley: 282 Author Page: Alfie Kohn [You need to read this before you take another glance at this page: the FCC wants you to know that it is imperative information that I received… Continue reading Book Review: Myth of the Spoiled Child

500 Words Per Day: Being Loved (without conditions)

It's pretty sad when I read more about unconditional love from an author who makes no faith claims whatsoever than I do in books by authors whose sole purpose is to tell their readers about God's unconditional love. Or maybe it's not. Maybe I needed to read it some place else in order for it… Continue reading 500 Words Per Day: Being Loved (without conditions)

500 Words Per Day: Changing

I've been reading this book called The Myth of the Spoiled Child by Alfie Kohn. I'll be reviewing it on this blog soon so I won't spoil much with this post, except to say that if what Kohn is saying is true, and at this juncture of my reading I'm leaning towards that particular assessment,… Continue reading 500 Words Per Day: Changing