Book Review: Annaleise Carr

Title: Annaleise Carr Author: Annaleise Carr as told to Deborah Ellis (Note: I believe this link to Ms Ellis' page is correct, but the book is not listed on her page. If this is incorrect, please advise and I will correct it.) Publisher: James Lorimer & Company., Ltd. Publishers Year: September 1, 2014 Pages: (Nook… Continue reading Book Review: Annaleise Carr

Prayers for Patrick Swayze & All Cancer Fighters

Friends, Back in 1991 when my wife and I were married, we moved to Michigan for school. During our first semester at college, we learned that my wife had cancer (Hodgkin’s DiseaseĀ & here). We endured nearly a year of chemotherapy, radiation, surgery’s and more. At the end of the ordeal, my wife emerged cleansed and… Continue reading Prayers for Patrick Swayze & All Cancer Fighters